If you can’t attend a clinic or attended a clinic and want ongoing assistance on your technique, please consider buying a “4 video review” package.

4 Video Review Package

The package includes:

  • A report for each video you send (recommend 1 video every 3-4 weeks)
  • Recommended drills based on what each video shows and based on your goals
  • Recommended exercises based on what each video shows and based on your goals
  • A call to discuss the recommended drills and exercises
  • Email, text, and phone support between the time you send your video and four weeks after receiving your final report
  • Access to the private gravity.run Facebook group

How the process works:

  1. Purchase the package using the Buy Now button above.
  2. Chris Schapman will contact you about any questions you have about capturing the video and let you know where and how to send your first video.
  3. You will record yourself running in front of a smart phone or tablet. (You can have someone hold the device for you, but setting the device on a stationary platform works, too.)
  4. Send the video to Chris, and he will send you a report within 48 hours of confirming receipt.

Thanks for making technique a priority to avoid injury and make running more efficient.

The package costs $150.