Running Technique Clinic at Train Yard (May 2018)

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Date(s) - Sun, May 06, 18
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Train Yard


Break the injury cycle and learn to run efficiently during this Pose Method running clinic with Chris Schapman at Train Yard 317 (Indianapolis, Indiana).

You’ll walk (err: run) away with an understanding for how you can use this method of running to enjoy healthy and successful running.

Chris is a Certified Running Technique Specialist that will film and analyze your current form. You’ll then complete a variety of drills and exercises designed to reinforce the essential aspects of running. Before the end of the clinic, Chris will film your running again, and you will be able to see, feel, and hear the difference.

You will learn about the following topics:

  • What is the Pose Method to running?
  • How can Pose Method help me?
  • How does my form look at the beginning of the class? (Video analysis #1)
  • How do we incorporate running drills into a training routine?
  • How should we run hills?
  • What should we look for in a shoe?
  • What about foot strike?
  • Why do we shoot for a 180 or higher cadence?
  • What are some common injuries when deviating from the essential aspects of running?
  • How does my form look at the end of the clinic? (Video analysis #2)

You will participate in the following:

  • Video analysis
  • Pose drills
  • Falling drills
  • Pulling drills
  • Combination drills
  • Partner drills
  • Corrective moves
  • Flexibility routine

Beginners Welcome!

Come prepared to do some running, but you will not run more than 50 meters at one time. This clinic is designed for all levels of runners. We will learn from each other.

Clinic Only vs. Clinic PLUS

The Clinic PLUS ticket includes in-depth analysis, discussion, and personal recommendations for those runners interested in receiving up to four additional video reviews from Chris. He’ll recommend specific pre- and post-run drills and strengthening recommendations based on each of your videos and your goals.

All attendees will receive a simple training tool to help them develop their Pull strength and technique.

All attendees registered before April 27 will receive a “running is an obstacle” shirt.

Registration is limited to 10 runners.

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