Chris Schapman

Running Technique Specialist

Chris Schapman's goal as a running technique specialist is to give runners the same freedom from injury and joy of running that he found applying the Pose Method to his running.

Since adopting Pose Method in 2015, Chris has been running faster and injury free with higher mileage than he did in college. No more knee pain. No IT band issues.

He broke the injury cycle (Build mileage...get injured...take time off...build mileage...get injured...take time off...). You can break the cycle, too.

In addition to road and trail races, Chris is an accomplished Spartan Race and obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete, so he is familiar with the demands of challenging terrain and how best to attack the course. Using Pose Method's "pulling" and "falling" will give you an advantage when it comes to hilly courses and muddy courses.